How does piano transport work?

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To start, we do an inspection and get all the information on the pick-up and delivery location. We take measurements of stairs and passages and check what equipment and personnel are needed.

For moving the piano, we at CGCPTRANSPORTS use ideal packaging to protect the piano from knocks and scratches.

We also take into account the weather conditions to organize the service.

What are the stages of a piano transport?

1. Our operators go on site.

2. We pack the instrument entirely, taking care to cover all the edges, the base and the top of the piano

3. We delicately load the instrument onto the van, securing it to the walls so that it is protected during transport

4. Once we arrive at the home we take the instrument to the room desired by the customer

5. The packaging is removed, taking care to protect the piano which is placed in the area designated by the customer.

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How much does piano transport cost?

Pianos are extraordinary instruments, extremely elegant and equipped with complex technology and quality materials.

Wood and various metals are the most used materials in the structure of a piano and it is made up of thousands of pieces. These characteristics make it a unique instrument but also very heavy and bulky.

The cost of transporting a piano depends on numerous factors. Here are the main ones:

Type and size of the top

Distance to travel.

Characteristics of the collection and delivery locations.

The location and floor of the building from which the piano must be collected and then delivered may require more time and resources.

Generally, at least 3 operators are needed who will have to adapt the operations to the characteristics of the buildings.

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We can move any type of piano, from wall-mounted to grand pianos.

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