5 Tips if you move in the summer with the heat

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Summer is a popular time for moving, but high temperatures can make the process more challenging. Here are five tips for tackling a summer move successfully:

1. **Plan ahead**

 Organizing a move takes time, especially in the summer when demand is high. Book your moving company well in advance to ensure availability and to avoid last minute price increases.

2. **Avoid the hottest hours**

 Schedule your moving operations early in the morning or late afternoon. This way you will avoid the scorching midday heat, making work more bearable for everyone

3. **Stay hydrated**

 Make sure you have water available for everyone involved in the move. Drinking regularly is essential to prevent heat stroke and keep your energy high throughout the day.

4. **Protect sensitive objects**

 Some items can be damaged by extreme heat, such as electronics, candles and perishable foods. Pack these items separately and consider transporting them in an air-conditioned car.

5. **Take advantage of the good weather**

 Summer offers the advantage of longer days and generally stable weather conditions. Use this to your advantage, arranging the move over several days if necessary and taking advantage of the available daylight hours.

By following these tips, you can make your summer move more efficient and less stressful.

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