Do you need to move your office to a new location?

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CGCPTRANSPORTS is the solution for you!

Organizing an office move is not an undertaking to be underestimated. Improvising or disorganizing could create serious problems at work.

Don’t take any risks, contact CGCPTRANSPORTS

If you run a commercial business and are faced with the need to carry out a move, you know all too well how delicate such an operation can be.

In fact, we are talking about documents, confidential materials , furniture and equipment such as computers, scanners, copiers and more, and the main risk is the blocking of normal business flow and the suspension of operations for an indefinite period of time.

CGCPTRANSPORTS is aware of all this and that is why we guarantee fast and above all specific office removals.

We cover a wide range of needs, from small office moves to regional and municipal facilities.

The services most in demand in this respect are:

  • Cataloguing and encapsulation of documents and paper materials.
  • Packing hardware.
  • Disassembly and packaging of furniture.
  • Repositioning of paper hardware within the appropriate shelving.
  • Transferring electronic equipment.
  • Transporting safes.
  • Storage and filing in our warehouse.

THE PHASES for safe transportation.


Each phase of the move is followed by the project manager, who, in cooperation with the client, guarantees the execution of the move according to the quality standards defined by our procedures and compliance with the methods and schedule defined in the planning phase.


Our staff consists of qualified technicians to perform packing activities for numbered files, machines with high technological content.

The packaging of files and all paper material is characterized by a packaging labeling phase that allows for the perfect transfer of all material during this phase.

Furniture disassembly

The experience accumulated over many years of activity and the methodology applied allow us to operate without interrupting any of our client’s operational activities.

In addition, a precise logistics and technical assistance service guarantees the high level of service and quality that has always distinguished us.


The furniture is arranged and reassembled in the new rooms, meticulously following the layout and work execution plan, facilitating the rapid activation of the workstations.

Quality of service is our priority and is reflected in the reliability of our team and the seamless moving experience we offer our customers.

Contact us now for a free quote and entrust your move to expert professionals.

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