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Transport services to and from Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus and European countries

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Complete moving with the “safe and fast” formula

We dedicate every day to perfecting our moving and transportation techniques to provide you with a perfect move.
With our many years of experience we have specialized in local, national and international removals.
If you are moving to your new home, if you are changing the location of your company or if you are moving to study or work in Greece or abroad, the
CGCP Transports Limited team is the transport company that will do everything to offer you a STRESS FREE MOVE

We take care of the packaging of your goods

We offer storage services for your products

We offer local, national and international removals

We transport pianos and other fragile items

We have affordable prices

We offer coach services for you and your pets

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Where speed meets reliability.
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Domestic Transport & Storage

Home and office removals throughout the UK, Greece Cyprus and Europe.
We prioritize the care and safety of the items until their destination.
We provide storage services for your personal belongings

Transportation of goods

We provide specialist services for moving business goods (offices, etc) throughout the UK, Greece, Cyprus and Europe.

Logistics and Storage

We provide specialized transport and storage services for your business items (offices,etc.).

Special transport (FRAGILE)

If you are planning a move and have sensitive items such as a piano to move, our moving company is here to help.
With many years of experience in the industry, we specialize in the packaging and transportation of valuable and fragile items.

Carriage of passengers with or without pets


In addition to passengers with or without pets, we also carry:
– Unaccompanied parcels
– Suitcases
– Foods that do not need refrigeration
– Oil (In metal containers)
– Household goods (moving) and anything else you need.

Student Transfers

Are you a student moving to another city?
If you’re an overseas student looking for a stress-free move, you’ve come to the right place!
No matter how big or small your move is, we have the perfect solution for you. By choosing our service you will have
reasonable prices !
Reliability, security and convenience are our priorities.

Door to Door

We are the number 1 option for door to door moves.

With our exclusive service, we guarantee you a stress-free solution for your move.







Competitive Price

  • We present your personalized design. Every move is unique, so our team creates a moving plan that is tailored to you and fits your needs. The team at CGCP Transports Limited ensures an efficient and safe move.

  • Make a quote request on the website or by phone. To get started, one of our experts will get information about your move with an inspection so we can understand what you need to move and what you need. With an accurate analysis we will be able to assess the right price for your move.

  • We follow you 100%
    You are in full control of all phases of the move with the support of CGCP Transports Limited. We help you take inventory, disassemble and pack furniture, items and boxes. We then proceed to load the goods into the vehicles and transport them to their destination. Finally we unload and complete the move from room to room.

Transport services to and from Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus and European countries

Whether it is a home, office or public institution, each phase is studied and monitored step by step to guarantee maximum performance and offer you excellent service. Our goal is to relieve you of all the worries associated with moving. This is why we provide an “all-inclusive” service. We know that with the right strategy you will face a perfect move.

Inspection and planning

Thanks to the correct assessment of personnel, media and necessary packaging, we leave nothing to chance. Before we give you a quote, we make sure we know all your collection and delivery needs.

Packaging care

We care deeply that you trust us with your move.
Furniture, dishes, lighting, boxes and everything that needs to be moved will be filled with professional materials.
Included in the removal service, we provide shipping materials: bubble wrap, reinforced boxes, clothing boxes, internal protection systems and everything needed for safe packing.

Dismantling, loading and transport

For greater safety, our carpenters carefully disassemble the bulkiest pieces of furniture.
Furniture and boxes are carefully placed in our modern moving trucks and vans

Unloading and assembly

Once you arrive at your new home or office, we make sure to unload everything and carefully put it in the rooms.
We assemble the furniture, the kitchen and separate all the boxes per room.

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Words From Happy Customers

Antonis B.

Reliable and proper professional

Theano T

I recommend CGCP who those they need fast response, very kind staff, excellent quality of services.

Maria K.

While being served, politeness, honesty and safety is a holy triad for me.

Theodoris Aspiotis.
Galina Savitskayia 

Good prices, very helpful, polite really good customer service

Savvas Papadopoulos 

Great company not only for moving but for deliveries too. Have used their services to move house in Bristol and bring some boxes from Greece. Easy to communicate, professionals, friendly and good prices! Highly recommended!

Konstantina Manoli  

Νιωθω τυχερη που βρηκα εναν τετοιο εξαιρετικο ανθρωπο και επαγγελματια να με βοηθησει με την μετακομιση μου σε διαφορετικη πολη.

Χαμογελαστος, ευδιαθετος, εκανε τη δουλεια του γρηγορα και διαχειριστηκε τα αντικειμενα μου με μεγαλη προσοχη.

Με εξυπηρετησε μαλιστα και εκανε μια σταση στο μεσιτικο γραφειο που επρεπε να αφησω τα κλειδια του σπιτιου μου, ενω γνωριζω πως καποιος αλλος θα μπορουσε να αρνηθει.

Τελος, ενδιαφερθηκε προσωπικα να με βοηθησει με τα διαδικαστικα οταν μπηκα στο νεο σπιτι και μου εδωσε και συμβουλες πανω σε προβληματα που ισως θα αντιμετωπιζα.

Ειμαι βεβαιη οτι θα ειναι ο μεταφορεας μου οσο ειμαι κατοικος Αγγλιας.